Chapter 8 Conclusion: Compressed Air Systems Utilized in Manufacturing

Chapter 8 Conclusion: Compressed Air Systems Utilized in Manufacturing

Manufacturing covers a wide variety of industries, but compressed air usage is no stranger to the expanding market of plants and distribution centers that provide consumers with countless products available at local stores. Many of the uses for compressed air in modern manufacturing are already hidden in the previous chapters. Almost every industry supplying a product to consumers has some level of manufacturing involved, and it is likely that compressed air systems play some role in that process.

Agriculture, the food industry and medicine production, as well as a wide variety of other services, use mechanical air compressors. Heavy goods manufacturers, consumer processing and packaging services, transportation, construction, aerospace, automotive and raw material producers all use compressed air systems to achieve their desired business goals.

In some cases, compressed air powers the conveyor systems used to handle large amounts of product, or ones that are pushed through an assembly line. In other cases, compressed air is essential in the bottling and packaging of goods. When it comes to the distillation and brewing of many alcoholic beverages, compressed air is used in the distillation process, as well as in bottling for distribution.

Pneumatic systems are used for automated systems, like those used for securing, holding or lifting heavy components. They’re also used for materials like those found in the automotive industry and in woodworking.

Vacuum systems are also intricate parts of industry. They can be used to preserve perishable items, like food, or to preserve products that deteriorate in certain environmental conditions. Compressed air is also used in the cooling and cleaning processes of many plants and manufacturing facilities. The use of pneumatic tools and equipment creates an increased demand for clean and efficient compressed air through the innovations of modern technology, industrial pumping systems and material handling.

Because of this indispensable role, compressed air is often considered the fourth utility, standing alongside other essentials like water and electricity. Most general manufacturing processes that employ compressed air include powering tools and cleaning controls and actuators, as well as clamping and stamping processes.

Petroleum-based product manufacturers also use compressed air quite often, as it is valuable in pressing molds and in forming and injection processes for plastics, silicone and rubber.

Low-pressure compressed air systems were created in ancient times to help with the smelting and forging of ores. Today, metal fabrication and metal working industries still rely on compressed air, but also use it for their molding operations.

Depending on what type of product you are manufacturing, your compressor and vacuum needs may vary. For operations both large and small, it’s important to choose a compressed air system that is efficient, easy to maintain and can withstand your demands and working environment.

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Quincy also offers a series of vacuum pumps that are excellent resources for a number of applications, like preserving materials, forming, shaping, cleaning and even altitude simulation for the aerospace industry.

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Conclusion — The Benefits and Cost of Compressed Air

From the earliest days of humans blowing on fires to smelt the metals of ancient times to today’s highly advanced pneumatic tools and machines, compressed air has proven to be one of the most useful resources in industrial development.

Many other industries, including energy exploration, food and beverage packaging and dry cleaning also depend on the advancements of today’s versatile compressed air systems. From the food we eat to the highly sophisticated automobiles we drive each day, compressed air likely played a role in their creation.

Compressed air has provided industry with countless benefits over the centuries and has increased capabilities in automation and led to the development of more powerful tools. It’s also a costly resource that consumes energy to produce the clean airflow needed.

When selecting an air compressor system for your business, it is important to identify what type of compressor will best serve your needs while still delivering the dependability and power required for your operation.

Inefficient compressed air usage can result in costly energy losses and impact your bottom line. In addition, proper maintenance and inspection for air leaks are also essential for keeping your system operating at optimal performance and efficiency.

When looking into compressed air systems, it may be best to seek an assessment from a professional to identify how to best meet your goals. A professional can also help you determine if there are tasks that can be completed with more economical alternatives for a high-performing compressed air system.

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