Chapter 6: Compressed Air Systems in Agricultural Use

Chapter 6: Compressed Air Systems in Agricultural Use

For more than 10,000 years, agriculture has been a key industry in human survival. Our ancient ancestors cultivated the vast expanses of land, bred livestock and harvested the bounty nature provided to abandon the nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life of their forefathers.

Using the land and managing livestock is challenging work that requires many hours of care, even today. This essential part of our lives is now supplemented with continual advancements in technology, which has slowly replaced hand tools.

Sophisticated machines and advanced agricultural sciences helped farmers produce higher yields, harvest their crops more efficiently and reduce the number of hours worked while providing more yields for their efforts. Water pumps, crop sprayers, tractors, conveyors, pneumatic handling material machines and dairy machines all rely on compressed air systems to function.

Agricultural air compressors are essential components in the daily lives of many farmers, helping them produce their yields for delivery to consumers. Compressed air is vital when delivering water to crops, livestock and pastures. The resource is needed in nearly every aspect of agriculture.

In addition, crop sprayers and other pneumatic tools like conveyor systems and pneumatic material handling machines are needed throughout the entire food industry, both for managing and processing the harvest.

For dairy farmers, automated machines that utilize compressed air systems have also become more common. As with many industries, the total energy demand required depends on the size of the operation. Efficient rotary screw and reciprocating piston compressors are often used for business needs, both large and small. Vacuum systems and compressed air be used for quick cooling, as well as ventilation for greenhouses and to clean irrigation lines when preparing them for winter.

Many of the tools farmers use rely on compressed air systems that demand reliability and longevity to maintain an efficient operation. Smaller air compressor systems can be utilized for routine maintenance around the farm. Tractors and other vehicles like ATVs lose tire pressure when working or when they’re exposed to the elements. A small, portable air compressor can help inflate tires quickly for machines that are vital across the operation, including transporting hay to livestock over larger areas.

Farmers who store grain or other products in the silos can use compressors and vacuum pumps to help with the systems that transport the materials into storage. Quincy has more than a century of experience supplying farmers with high-quality, dependable compressor and vacuum systems specially designed to handle the demanding tasks and environments of agricultural work.

Minimizing operating costs is essential for survival in today’s highly competitive agriculture business climate. A Quincy compressor is economical to purchase and own. We offer the most CFM per brake horsepower, which ensures more air while consuming less energy.

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