Typical Uses of Compressed Air

Posted on: September 17, 2014

Compressed Air is the 4th Utility!

It is as important as water, electricity and fuel (gas, oil, etc.). The great advantage of compressed air is the high ratio of power to weight or power to volume. In comparing electric motors, compressed air procedures smooth translation with much more uniform force. Compressed air equipment can be more economical and more durable.

Compressed air tools can be operated without the shock hazard of electricity or the explosion hazard of oil.

Industrial Uses of Compressed Air:
Production Line Tools – Automation & Assembly Stations – Plant Maintenance – Chemical Manufacturing – Aircraft Manufacturing – Automobiles – Beverages – Agriculture – Cement Foundries – Plastics – Construction – Hospitals – Monuments – Power Plants – Sewage Plants – Painting & Ski Areas – Auto/Tire – Dry Cleaning – Energy – Natural Gas – Pharmaceutical – Woodworking, Etc.

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